Seth Hart: Three things make him very cranky: broccoli, red beets and winter. (Started in 2015)

Steve Harris: We do let him out of his cage once or twice a year to broadcast a sporting event. Shirts need not have sleeves and whistles need not sound inadvertently. (Started in 2015)

Seth Dowling: He hates face masks and vegetables but strangely loves confrontation. Go figure. Also, the sign into the round-a-bout says "yield" not "stop". (Started in 2015)

Shane Nelson: Three things make him very cranky: broccoli, red beets and winter. (Started in 2015)

Brad Strawser: Picture someone with the young ambition of Ryan Seacrest and the sports broadcast expertise of Bob Costas. Okay, bad examples, but Brad is an indispensible part of what we do! (Started in 2016)

Lyndsay Hart: Talk about indispensible! Nobody works harder, more efficiently, more diligently; more…is she out of the room yet? She’s the one who signs the paychecks and makes sure we have money in the bank, so she’s pretty valuable to the operation! (Started in 2015)

Ashley Maneval: She’s the one we never ever see. In fact, I’m not sure she actually is a real person. But she does a good job of making sure the right ads air at the right time. (Started in 2019)

Coy Shaffer: Meet the newest member of the team. And the smartest…he picked a college in South Carolina where he can escape Pennsylvania winters! He can put energy and enthusiasm in about anything he does! (Started in 2021)

Quincy Piper: Speaking of energy, don’t let this guy anywhere near an energy drink! He also holds the record for landing JCR’s only agency account with IHOP! (Started in 2021)

Jim "Foss" Fosselman: This guy knows more about basketball than the guy who invented the sport. We’re not sure but Foss might have been that guy. (Started in 2016)

Joe Arbogast: Joe has a lot of business experience and has a ton of connections in the county. Definitely a necessity for sales! (Started in 2020)

Fred Parnell: Not only does Fred know more about every local sport with the exception of rugby, he knows just as much about music. And he hates vegetables almost as much as Seth Dowling. Except lima beans. Odd. (Started in 2016)

Meteorologist Seth Cohen: Bio coming soon...

Meteorologist John Weatherbee: Bio coming soon...