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A Look Ahead: Juniata vs West Perry

MEXICO, PA -- It just doesn’t get any easier for Juniata. A very powerful offensive team comes calling Friday night in the form of the West Perry Mustangs. Both Clearfield and Selinsgrove had “grind it out” offenses. The Mustangs are a whole different animal.

In two games West Perry has score 90 points while allowing only 6. There are basically two offensive players responsible for the potency of this offense: #13 QB Marcus Quaker and #14 WR Ian Goodling. Both are juniors and more importantly these two are best buddies both on and off the field having played football together since Peewees. They seemingly read each other’s minds.

Quaker is a dual threat. He throws the ball very accurately and when necessary, he tucks the ball and runs effectively. He does not have burning speed, but he is very elusive, more elusive than the Selinsgrove QB we faced last week. They have an adequate running game featuring #22 Trent Herrara a player aptly described as 5’5” 140-pound bowling ball. He runs like he weighs 180.

Their defense is solid but certainly not spectacular. The guy to run away from is #78 defensive tackle Josh Trostle. On film it looks like their pass defense is questionable. Susquenita had some success against them throwing the ball, but he also was picked off three times.

All in all, this is a good solid football team.

How do we match up? Well, they run out of the Power I, a formation that has been around for a long time, so it won’t surprise us. I think the Mustangs are likely to put three touchdowns, maybe more on us. So, the question is how many points can we hang on them?

In large part, that will depend on our passing game. I don’t know what to make of our passing game. In week one we had a passing efficiency rating of 101.8. In week two it was 22.5. For a point of reference, 70 is considered about average in high school football. We need to make the Mustang defense respect both our running and passing game. Coach Condo seems to come up with new wrinkles every week and hopefully this week will not be an exception.

In summation, we have the fire power to play with and beat West Perry. But it has to be a total team effort: solid defense, a two-pronged offense and a solid kicking game. We do that and we have a decent chance of winning the game. And let’s not forget the dirty word “turnover”. We MUST win the turnover battle!

Fortunately, looking ahead the next three weeks looks a lot easier. We should win the next three games barring a total collapse.

Win or lose Friday night, all our goals are still out there for us to achieve: capture the Liberty Conference in the Mid Penn…..qualify for Districts, win Districts, and advance to state play. Just to refresh/clarify, there are seven members of the Liberty Conference: Juniata, Upper Dauphin, Susquenita, Line Mountain, Newport, Halifax, and James Buchanan.

As always, the team wants and needs fan support. It’s a 7:00 p.m. kickoff and near perfect weather is predicted. We’ll see you there!

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