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GAME RECAP: West Perry 24 - Juniata 0

By Fred Parnell, Juniata Football Past & Present

Well, that was painful. In a game like this you don’t have to try and figure out why we lost. We lost because we played a superior football team. Make no mistake about it, West Perry is good!

They dominated every aspect of the game. They had over 300 yards of total offense. We came up a couple yards short of the century mark.

It’s not going to serve any worthwhile purpose for me to dwell on our play. Yeah we looked really bad but a good team will do that to you. This is the kind of game where quite often a coach does not show the game film to the team. I didn’t watch it and don’t intend to.

If you want to look for a positive, and you do have to look, there is one to be found. Juniata while being totally dominated, did not quit. They played hard right to the final horn. Honestly, if you just watched the game without knowing the score you would be surprised that the Mustangs only put up 24 points. It felt much worse.

It’s time to quickly turn the page and move on to the rest of the schedule. And the rest of the schedule is favorable to Juniata. They do have to deal with a good Boiling Springs team on the road but other than that we should be favored to win every other remaining game.

Fortunately for us, scores for games important to us in achieving our goals all went our way. It was a terrible night for the Liberty Division with only Halifax winning as they shut out their opponent 53-0. No, that is not a misprint. I can’t even imagine how bad that team must have been.

Other good news: Bellefonte got blown out by Bald Eagle Area and Dubois got handled by Clearfield. Greater Johnstown also got blown out. Only Meadville was a big winner. And one other game I want to report on…Jersey Shore defeated Selinsgrove 63-0.

As for the District Playoff standings, they remain virtually unchanged. Bellefonte and Greater Johnstown have 0 points while Juniata did manage to pick up 10 bonus points by virtue of Clearfield’s victory over Dubois and their total is now 110 points.

Next up is Newport who got hammered by Big Springs. The Buffaloes are struggling and should be just what the doctor ordered to get us back on track. And, it’s a home game.

Time to turn the page and move on.

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