• Fred Parnell

A Look Back at West Perry, A Look Ahead to Tri-Valley

By Fred Parnell

Mifflintown, PA (August 28, 2019) -- Well, the West Perry game wasn’t pretty but it also wasn’t totally unexpected. The game played out almost identically to last year’s game. Kenyon Johnson ran wild for over 300 yards of total offense. This kid is lightning in a bottle and makes everyone else on the field look like they are playing in slow motion. I think what I told several people after the game best sums up this game…Had Kenyon Johnson been playing for Juniata last night, it would have been us winning in a blow out. He was that much of a difference maker.

It’s important to keep in mind that West Perry is most likely the best team we will face all season. And Johnson is certainly the fastest, most athletic football player we will have to deal with. The Juniata offense DID show up as they amassed well over 200 yards of total offense, although it was very rushing top heavy. We had less than 50 passing yards the entire game. Look for those numbers to begin to increase.

Bottom Line…is was a rugged season opener but it was not a league game. League play begins next week and that brings us to the Tri Valley Bulldogs….

In the last ten games with Tri Valley we are 3-7. They have absolutely had our number and some really crazy things have happened in this series as of late. Just one example. A few years ago at Hegins we were in a very close game and were deep in our own territory with a 4th and long. It was a windy night and out punt basically went straight up in the air and got caught in the head wind and we ended up with punt for negative yardage setting up the Bulldogs for an easy score and ultimate victory.

There are other examples but you get the idea. It is important to note that most of these last ten games were played at Tri Valley due to scheduling quirks. This season (the last year we will be playing them), the Bulldogs come to Klingensmith Stadium.

Tri Valley played exactly as expected last night. Both MaxPreps and Born had them projected as a 4 point favorite over Mahanoy Area. They won by 4 points! This game has the makings of a tough, close contest that could well be decided on a big play or turnovers. It’s about time for Karma to rear it’s head and shine on the Indians. We’ll find out Friday night.

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