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Port Royal Speedway Recap - Sunday, March 5, 2023

CONTRIBUTORS: Juniata County Radio, Seth Dowling, cover photo by Brad Strawser

PORT ROYAL, PA -- Port Royal Speedway opened their 81st season on Sunday, March 5 under sunny skies with temperatures in the 50s.














Prior to the start of the program, Port Royal Speedway officials announced a purse increase for weekly shows. Lead Promotor Steve O'Neal also announced that admission prices for regular weekly shows will remain at $20 for adults.

Effective immediately, purses will be as follows for 410 Sprint Cars and Super Late Models

410s: $5,000 to win, $1,000 for 10th, $500 to start & $200 tow

Supers: $4,000 to win, $400 to start & $200 tow


29 410 Sprint Cars

31 Super Late Models

Super Late Model Hot Laps:

Session 1 fastest: Colton Flinner (18.165)

Session 2 fastest: Jeff Rine (17.666)

OVERALL FASTEST: Jeff Rine - 17.666 - Session 2

410 Sprint Car Hot Laps:

Session 1 fastest: Parker Price Miller (15.849)

Session 2 fastest: Mike Wagner (16.072)

Session 3 fastest: Jeff Halligan (16.254)

OVERALL FASTEST: Parker Price Miller - 15.849 - Session 1

Super Late Model Heat Races (8 laps - 4 races - top 5 transfer):

HEAT 1: Front row: Kody Lyter and Roy Deese

FINISH: Justin Weaver goes from 3rd to 1st to win with a margin of 1.146. Also transferring were Austin Berry, Hayes Mattern, Roy Deese, and Devin Hart. They were followed by Scott Flickinger, Levi Yetter, and Kody Lyter.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:34.566

Fastest lap: Justin Weaver - 18.792 (Lap 2)

HEAT 2: Front row: Colton Flinner and Shaun Jones

LAP 3: Caution for Drew Weisser when he spins coming off of turn 4.

FINISH: Colton Flinner takes them coast to coast with a winning margin of 2.576. Also transferring were Trevor Feathers, Ross Robinson, Shaun Jones and Trevor Collins. They were followed by Nick Dickson, Joe Petyak, and Drew Weisser

Cautions: 1 - Time: 3:52.193

Fastest lap: Colton Flinner - 19.234 (Lap 4)

HEAT 3: Front row: Mike Lupfer and Larry Neiderer

Lap 7: Neiderer off the pace in an intense battle for 2nd.

FINISH: Mike Lupfer holds off Rick Eckert to win by 0.080. Also transferring were Dillan Stake, Jeff Rine, and Kyle Hardy. They were followed by Gregg Satterlee, Tim Wilson and Larry Neiderer (DNF).

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:46.298

Fastest lap: Rick Eckert - 19.979 (Lap 8)

HEAT 4: Front row: Khi Swanger and Gary Stuhler

Lap 4: Andrew Yoder spins in the 2Y and brings out the yellow. He rejoined the field.

FINISH: Gary Shuhler wins over Logan Zarin with a margin of 1.239. Also tranferring were Amanda Robinson, Chad Myers, and Khi Swanger. They were followed by Andrew Yoder and Jason Schmidt.

Cautions: 1 - Time: 4:05.751

Fastest lap: Gary Stuhler - 20.075 (Lap 2)

410 Sprint car Heat Races (10 laps - 3 races - top 6 transfer):

HEAT 1: Front row: Devon Borden and Mike Walter

Before the start: Mike Walter's car shuts off during pace laps. Jason Shultz inherits Walter's front row starting spot.

FINISH: Devon Borden holds off a determined Parker Price Miller to win by 0.277. Also transferring were Jason Shultz, Austin Bishop, Freddie Rahmer, and Gerard McIntyre. They were followed by Logan Wagner, Rick Lafferty, Kassidy Kreitz, and Mike Walter III (DNS).

Cautions: 0 - Time: 3:04.114

Fastest lap: Parker Price Miller - 17.586 (Lap 3)

HEAT2: Front row: Anthony Macri and Cameron Smith

Lap 9: Caution for debris in turn 4 as well as the outside of turns 1 and 2.

FINISH: Anthony Marci wins over Danny Dietrich with a margin of 1.045. Also transferring were Jeff Halligan, Mike Wagner, Justin Whittal, and Cameron Smith. They were followed by Chris Windom, TJ Stutts, Ryan Taylor and Jake Karkle (DNS)

Cautions: 1 - Time: 4:24.056

Fastest lap: Anthony Macri - 17.605 (Lap 1)

HEAT3: Front row: Dylan Norris and Steve Buckwalter

FINISH: Dylan Norris slams the door on Lance Dewease to hold on and win by 0.097. Also transferring were Dylan Cisney, Steve Buckwalter, Kyle Reinhardt, and Troy Wagaman. They were followed by AJ Flick, Paulie Colagiovanni and Jarrett Cavalet.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 4:24.056

Fastest lap: Dylan Norris- 18.034 (Lap 1)

Super Late Model B Main (8 laps - 1 race - top 4 transfer):

B MAIN: Front row: Scott Flickinger and Nick Dickson

FINISH: Nick Dickson wins comfortably over Scott Flickinger by 1.781. Also transferring were Gregg Satterlee and Andrew Yoder. They were followed by Jason Schmidt, Joe Petyak, Drew Weisser, Levi Yetter, Tim Wilson, Kody Lyter and Larry Neiderer (DNS).

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:37.809

Fastest lap: Nick Dickson - 19.158 (Lap 2)

410 Sprint Car B Main (10 laps - 1 race - top 6 transfer):

B MAIN: Front row: Logan Wagner and Chris Windom

Lap 1: A lot of smoke from Rick Lafferty in turn 4. He slows and pulls into the infield. Caution for a jumped start.

Lap 2: Logan Wagner goes around while racing with Paulie Colagiovanni for 4th and hits the outside wall in turn 2 to bring out the caution. Wagner is able to continue.

FINISH: Chris Windom wins by 0.405 over Ryan Taylor. Also transferring were AJ Flick, TJ Stutts, Paulie Colagiovanni, and Logan Wagner. They were followed by Kassidy Kreitz, Jarrett Cavalet, Rick Lafferty (DNF), Mike Walter III (DNS), and Jake Karklin (DNS).

Cautions: 2 - Time: 5:12.023

Fastest lap: Ryan Taylor - 18.328 (Lap 5)

410 SPRINT CAR A MAIN - 81st Annual Opening Day - $5,000 to win (25 LAPS)

Front row: Dylan Cisney and Jeff Halligan

Prior to the green: Lance Dewease loses power on the backstretch during pace laps. He pulls into the pit area and goes to his hauler. He was scheduled to start on the outside of row two.

Lap 5: Caution for Devon Borden as he comes to a stop at exit of turn 4. He is pushed to the infield. Jeff Halligan would lead over Dylan Cisney, Parker Price Miller, Anthony Macri and Danny Dietrich when they go back to green.

Lap 11: Logan Wagner spins on the bottom side of turn 4 to bring out the caution.

Lap 12: Battle for the lead. Parker Price Miller goes to work on leader Jeff Halligan. Cisney and Macri battle for 3rd.

10 to go: Halligan leads running the high side of the speedway, he is followed by Price-Miller, Cisney and Macri

7 to go: Leader Halligan gets into lap traffic. Price-Miller and Cisney close in.

6 to go: Halligan and Price-Miller are nose to tail.

5 to go: Lap traffic gets thicker. Halligan and Price Miller side by side

4 to go: Still nose to tail. Halligan uses a lapped car as a pick and takes Price-Miller's momentum away.

3 to go: Price-Miller gets back to Halligan. They almost make contact. Price-Miller to the lead.

2 to go: Dylan Cisney arrives on the scene. He takes the lead away from Price-Miller who battles back and retakes the lead in 3. Cisney right back at him.

Last lap: Dead heat into one. Cisney back to the lead, Price-Miller right back to Cisney's tail tank. Cisney holds off one last Price-Miller charge and wins.

410 Sprint Cars ( 29 cars):

1st: Dylan Cisney (13:17.717)

2nd: Parker Price-Miller (+0.534)

3rd: Anthony Macri (+0.941)

4th: Danny Dietrich (+1.656)

5th: Jeff Halligan (+2.882)

6th: Mike Wagner (+2.928)

7th: Justin Whittal (+4.556)

8th: Freddie Rahmer (+7.106)

9th: Jason Shultz (+8.360)

10th: Devon Borden (+9.085)

11th: Dylan Norris (+11.86)

12th: Austin Bishop (+12.839)

13th: Kyle Reinhardt (+13.716)

14th: Chris Windom (+13.875)

15th: Gerard McIntyre (+19.455)

16th: TJ Stutts (+16.134)

17th: Troy Wagaman (+16.670)

18th: Ryan Taylor (+18.420)

19th: Paulie Colagiovanni (+19.031)

20th: Cameron Smith (+1 Lap)

21st: AJ Flick (DNF)

22nd: Logan Wagner (DNF)

23rd: Steve Buckwalter (DNF)

24th: Lance Dewease (DNS)

Fastest Lap: Jeff Halligan - 18.002 - Lap 1

Hard Charger: Justin Whittal (14th to 7th)

Final time: 13:17.717

Cautions: 2

Heat race winners: Devon Borden, Anthony Macri and Dylan Norris

B main winner: Chris Windom

SUPER LATE MODEL A MAIN - $4,000 to win (25 LAPS)

Front row: Amanda Robinson and Dillan Stake

Lap 1: Dillan Stake with a great start. He leads lap 1, two and three wide behind. Stake leads lap 1.

Lap 10: Dillan Stake leads comfortably by 1.304 over Hayes Mattern.

Lap 12: Mattern getting closer to Stake. Stake's margin down to 0.861.

Lap 14: Leaders in lap traffic. That allows Stake to extend his lead back to 0.945.

9 to go: Mattern closes back in. Stake's lead down to 0.428.

5 to go: Dillan Stake extends his lead back out to 1.048 seconds.

3 to go: Ross Robinson takes second away from Hayes Mattern.

FINAL LAP: Dillan Stake leads over Ross Robinson and Hayes Mattern into one by 2.180. Stake wins, Robinson second, Eckert gets Mattern on the last lap to finish 3rd.


1st: Dillan Stake

2nd: Ross Robinson (+1.825)

3rd: Rick Eckert (+2.761)

4th: Hayes Mattern (+3.572)

5th: Jeff Rine (+10.020)

6th: Amanda Robinson (+11.578)

7th: Colton Flinner (+12.115)

8th: Gary Stuhler (+12.761)

9th: Gregg Satterlee (+12.884)

10th: Austin Berry (+14.239)

11th: Trever Feathers (+14.319)

12th: Kyle Hardy (+14.690)

13th: Mike Lupfer (+18.485)

14th: Logan Zarin (+19.273)

15th: Justin Weaver (+19.870)

16th: Devin Hart (+20.030)

17th: Roy Deese (+20.871)

18th: Shaun Jones (+1 lap)

19th: Chad Myers (+1 lap)

20th: Andrew Yoder (+1 lap)

21st: Khi Swanger (+1 lap)

22nd: Scott Flickinger (+ 1 lap)

23rd: Trevor Collins (DNF)

24th: Nick Dickson (DNF)

Fastest Lap: Dillan Stake - 20.586 - Lap 3

Hard Charger: Gregg Robinson (23rd to 9th)

Final time: 8:56.361

Cautions: 0

Heat race winners: Colton Flinner, Mike Lupfer, Justin Weaver, and Gary Stuhler

B main winner: Nick Dickson


Friday, March 10 - 7pm

World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars ($10,000)

Saturday, March 11 - 4pm

World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars ($10,000)

Wingless Sportsman

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