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Port Royal Speedway Updates & Recap - April 1, 2023

CONTRIBUTORS: Juniata County Radio, Seth Dowling, cover photo by Brad Strawser

PORT ROYAL, PA -- Port Royal Speedway - Saturday, April 1, 2023 - Sunny, chance of t-storms, upper 60s, breezy. Severe Thunderstorm Watch



24 410 Sprint Cars

31 Super Late Models

18 Limited Late Models

410 Sprint Car Hot Laps:

Session 1 fastest: Logan Wagner (18.843)

Session 2 fastest: Mike Wagner (19.050)

Session 3 fastest: Austin Bishop (19.184)

OVERALL FASTEST: Logan Wagner (18.843)

Super Late Model Group Qualifying:


Session 1 fastest: Austin Berry (21.225)

Session 2 fastest: Rick Eckert (21.285)

SESSION 1 & 2 FASTEST: Austin Berry (21.225)


Session 3 fastest: Mike Lupfer (22.174)

Session 4 fastest: Hayes Mattern (22.327)

SESSION 3 & 4 FASTEST: Mike Lupfer (22.174)


Session 5 fastest: Dylan Yoder (21.740)

Session 6 fastest: Drake Troutman (21.258)

SESSION 5 & 6 FASTEST: Drake Troutman (21.258)

OVERALL FASTEST: Austin Berry - Session 1 - 21.225

Limited Late Model Hot Laps:

Session 1 fastest: Shaun Miller (20.845)

Session 2 fastest: Casey Steinhoff (21.317)

OVERALL FASTEST: Shaun Miller (20.845)

410 Sprint car Heat Races (8 laps - 3 races - All transfer):

HEAT 1 (2:07pm): Front row: Danny Dietrich and Anthony Macri

FINISH: Anthony Macri goes coast to coast to win over Danny Dietrich by +2.218. Lucas Wolfe was third, Logan Wagner fourth, and Blaine Heimbach rounded out the top five. They were followed by Michael Walter II, Jeff Halligan and Jarrett Cavalet.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:37.072

Fastest lap: Anthony Macri - 19.207 (Lap 5)

HEAT 2 (2:14pm): Front row: Garrett Bard and Kody Lehman

Lap 4: Kody Lehman leads, Devon Borden gets under Bard for second.

FINISH: Kody Lehman wins heat two by +0.573 over Devon Borden, Jason Shultz was third, Justin Whittal fourth, and Mike Wagner was fifth. They were followed by Dylan Cisney, Garrett Bard and Kassidy Kreitz.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:43.066

Fastest lap: Kody Lehman - 19.911 (Lap 3)

HEAT 3 (2:20pm): Front row: Steve Buckwalter and Jake Karklin

FINISH: Jake Karklin holds of Gerard McIntyre to win by 1.080. Third was AJ Flick, TJ Stutts was fourth and Steve Buckwalter rounded out the top five. They were followed by Austin Bishop, JJ Hickle. Rick Lafferty DNS.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:39.785

Fastest lap: AJ Flick - 7 (Lap 19.427)

Super Late Model Heat Races (8 laps - 3 races - 6 transfer):

HEAT 1 (2:27pm): Front row: Rick Eckert and Gregg Satterlee

FINISH: Rick Eckert wins over Gregg Satterlee. Dillan Stake was third, Colton Flinner was fourth and Austin Berry rounded out the top five. They were followed by Jason Schmidt, Justin Kann, Chad Myers, Deshawn Gingrich, Brian Booze, and Dave Stamm.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:54.161

Fastest lap: Rick Eckert - 21.341 (Lap 1)

HEAT 2 (2:33pm): Front row: Trevor Feathers and Tim Wilson

FINISH: Trevor Feathers wins over Mike Lupfer by +3.374. Hayes Mattern was third, Tim Wilson fourth, and Andrew Yoder fifth. They were followed by Shaun Jones, Colin Knaub, Larry Neiderer, Kody Lyter, and Todd Snook.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:58.134

Fastest lap: Trevor Feathers - 22.100 (Lap 1)

HEAT 3 (2:39pm): Front row: Jeff Rine and Dylan Yoder

Lap 2: Drake Troutman gets under Rine in three after a big run off of two and takes the lead.

FINISH: Drake Troutman wins heat three by +1.015 over Dylan Yoder. Jeff Rine was third, Tyler Emory fourth, and Gary Stuhler was fifth. They were followed by Jim Yoder, Justin Weaver, Nick Dickson, Gene Knaub and Scott Flickinger.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:52.830

Fastest lap: Drake Troutman - 21.063 (Lap 5)

Limited Late Model Heat Races (8 laps - 2 races - All transfer):

HEAT 1 (2:44pm): Front row: Shawn Shoemaker and Trent Brenneman

FINISH: Trent Brenneman wins over Shawn Shoemaker by +0.762 seconds. Devin Hart was third, Ryan Zook fourth, Kenny Yoder rounded out the top five. They were followed by Shaun Miller, Chad Smith, Matt Murphy, Harold Ranck and Eddie Cornett.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 0

Fastest lap: Trent Brenneman - 21.752 (Lap 3)

HEAT 2 (2:51pm): Front row: Cayden Ranck and Casey Steinhoff

FINISH: Taylor Farlling wins by +4.940 over Cayden Ranck. Casey Steinhoff was third, JR Toner was fourth and Eric Irvin was fifth. They were followed by Chase Bowsman, Jake Boozer, Jaxton Garman, Maddox Smith, and Jared Fulkroad

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:59.669

Fastest lap: Taylor Farlling - 21.971 (Lap 8)

Super Late Model B Main (8 laps - 1 race - top 6 transfer):

B MAIN (2:58pm): Front row: Justin Kann and Colin Knaub

FINISH: Justin Kann wins by +1.368 over Justin Weaver. Chad Myers was third, Colin Knaub was fourth and Nick Dickson was fifth. They were followed by Scott Flickinger, Gene Knaub, Deshawn Gingrich, Dave Stamm, Brian Booze, Larry Neiderer (DNF), Kody Lyter (DNS), and Todd Snook (DNS)

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:55.749

Fastest lap: Justin Weaver - 21.628 (Lap 4)

410 SPRINT CAR A MAIN - $5,000 to win (25 LAPS)

OFF TIME: 3:12pm

Front row: AJ Flick and Jason Shultz

Lap 5: Logan Wagner has passed five. Started 10th, up to 5th and battles with AJ Flick.

Lap 9: Leader Jason Shultz gets into lapped traffic. Gerard McIntyre gives chase and is 0.656 behind in second.

Lap 13: McIntyre to the Shultz tail tank.

Lap 14: Danny Dietrich gets under McIntyre and takes second away.

Lap 16: Jason Shultz still leads over Dietrich, McIntyre, Logan Wagner and Wolfe.

Lap 21: Shultz leads Dietrich by 0.811 after Dietrich got a few peaks. Shultz puts a few cars between him and Dietrich.

Lap 23: YELLOW: Jason Shultz blows a right rear in turn two with two laps to go while leading.

Lap 23: BACK TO GREEN. Top 5: Dietrich, Wolfe, McIntyre, Logan Wagner, and Devon Borden.

Lap 23: Lucas Wolfe gets under Dietrich and takes the lead.

FINAL LAP: Dietrich right back at Lucas Wolfe. Can't get it done, Lucas Wolfe wins.

410 Sprint Cars ( 24 cars):

1st: Lucas Wolfe - 11:53.541

2nd: Danny Dietrich (+1.128)

3rd: Gerard McIntyre (+2.095)

4th: Anthony Macri (+2.339)

5th: Logan Wagner (+3.160)

6th: Devon Borden (+3.917)

7th: AJ Flick (+4.037)

8th: Kody Lehman (+4.436)

9th: Justin Whittal (+5.369)

10th: Michael Walter II (+5.590)

11th: Jeff Halligan (+5.924)

12th: TJ Stutts (+6.021)

13th: Steve Buckwalter (+6.369)

14th: Blane Heimbach (+6.536)

15th: Mike Wagner (+6.741)

16th: Dylan Cisney (+6.899)

17th: JJ Hickle (+1 Lap)

18th: Austin Bishop (+1 lap)

19th: Garrett Bard (+1 lap)

20th: Jarrett Cavalet (+2 laps)

21st: Jason Shultz (DNF)

22nd: Jake Karklin (DNF)

23rd: Kassidy Kreitz (DNF)

24th: Rick Lafferty (DNS)

Fastest Lap: Devon Borden - 18.785 - Lap 13

Hard Charger: Jeff Halligan

Final time: 11:53.541

Cautions: 1

Heat race winners: Anthony Macri, Kody Lehman, Jake Karklin

B main winner: No race necessary


OFF TIME: 3:31pm

Front row: Drake Troutman and Mike Lupfer

Lap 1: YELLOW: Emory hard into the outside wall

Lap 6: YELLOW: Multiple cars get together in the middle of one and two as the winds really begin to pick up.

Lap 6: Back to green. Top 5: Troutman, Eckert, Feathers, Mattern, and Satterlee.

Lap 24: YELLOW: Yellow flies before they make it back around for a car in the turn two wall. Troutman had a 4.923 second lead and was in turns three and four when the yellow flew.

Lap 24: When they go back to green: Troutman over Yoder, Satterlee, Eckert and Feathers.

FINAL LAP: Drake Troutman wins over Dylan Yoder

Super Late Models (31 cars):

1st: Drake Troutman - 26:45.841

2nd: Dylan Yoder (+0.786)

3rd: Gregg Satterlee (+1.636)

4th: Rick Eckert (+2.569)

5th: Trever Feathers (+2.919)

6th: Jeff Rine (+3.343)

7th: Colton Flinner (+3.882)

8th: Hayes Mattern (+4.183)

9th: Andrew Yoder (+4.432)

10th: Gary Stuhler (+4.690)

11th: Jason Schmidt (+5.218)

12th: Mike Lupfer (+5.435)

13th: Scott Flickinger (+1 lap)

14th: Chad Myers (+1 lap)

15th: Tim Wilson (+1 lap)

16th: Shaun Jones (+1 lap)

17th: Colin Knaub (DNF)

18th: Nick Dickson (DNF)

19th: Dillan Stake (DNF)

20th: Austin Berry (DNF)

21st: Justin Weaver (DNF)

22nd: Jim Yoder (DNF)

23rd: Justin Kann (DNF)

24th: Tyler Emory (DNF)

Fastest Lap: Drake Troutman - 20.755 (Lap 6)

Final time: 26:45.755

Cautions: 3

Heat race winners: Rick Eckert, Trevor Feathers, Drake Troutman

B main winner: Justin Kann


OFF TIME: 4:06pm

Front row: Casey Steinhoff and Devin Hart

Lap 1: YELLOW: Eddie Cornett goes around the ring in turn two.

Lap 8: YELLOW: Shaun Miller comes to a stop on the backstretch

Lap 8: BACK TO GREEN: Top 5: Devin Hart, Shawn Shoemaker, Trent Brenneman, Taylor Farlling and Casey Steinhoff

Limited Late Models (18 cars):

1st: Devin Hart - 11:29.220

2nd: Shawn Shoemaker (+0.363)

3rd: Taylor Farlling (+0.787)

4th: Trent Brenneman (+2.982)

5th: Ryan Zook (+10.637)

6th: Casey Steinhoff (11.723)

7th: JR Toner (+12.306)

8th: Eric Irvin (+13.692)

9th: Matt Murphy (+14.124)

10th: Chase Bowsman (+15.267)

11th: Maddox Smith (+16.336)

12th: Cayden Ranck (+19.072)

13th: Chad Smith (+19.104)

14th: Jake Boozer (19.467)

15th: Jaxton Harman (+20.152)

16th: Kenny Yoder (+22.735)

17th: Shaun Miller (DNF)

18th: Eddie Cornett (DNF)

Fastest Lap: Taylor Farlling - 21.331 (Lap 14)

Final time: 11:29.220

Cautions: 2

Heat race winners: Trent Brenneman and Taylor Farlling

B main winner: No race necessary


Saturday, April 8, 2023

410 Sprint Cars, Late Models, 305 Sprint Cars

6pm - Adults $20 - Students $10

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