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Port Royal Speedway Updates & Recap - Saturday, April 8, 2023

Updated: Apr 8

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CONTRIBUTORS: Juniata County Radio, Seth Dowling, Brad Strawser

PORT ROYAL, PA -- Port Royal Speedway - Saturday, April 8, 2023: Party sunny, low 50s



27 410 Sprint Cars

41 Super Late Models

42 305 Sprint Cars

410 Sprint Car Hot Laps:

Session 1 fastest: Mike Wagner (15.992)

Session 2 fastest: Sye Lynch (15.981)

Session 3 fastest: Lance DeWease (16.608)

Overall fastest: Sye Lynch - Session 2 (15.981)

Super Late Model Hot Laps:

Session 1 fastest: Drake Troutman (18.620)

Session 2 fastest: Colton Flinner (18.631)

Session 3 fastest: Gregg Satterlee (18.482)

Overall fastest: Gregg Satterlee - Session 3 (18.482)

305 Sprint Car Hot Laps:

Session 1 fastest: Ken Duke (18.476)

Session 2 fastest: Donnie Hendershot (18.640)

Session 3 fastest: Mike Melair (18.421)

Overall fastest: Mike Melair - Session 3 (18.421)

410 Sprint car Heat Races (8 laps - 3 races - 6 transfer):

HEAT 1 (off time 6:43pm): Front row: Carl Bowser & Justin Whittal

FINISH: Justin Whittal picks up the heat race win by 2.226 seconds over Lance Dewease, Carl Bowser, Jeff Halligan, Gerard McIntyre and Mike Wagner. Mark Smith, Davie Franek, Kody Lehman and Garrett Bard completed the rest of the field

Cautions: 0 - Time: 02:23.479

Fastest lap: Justin Whittal - 17.481 (Lap 2)

HEAT 2 (off time 6:50pm): Front row: TJ Stutts & Devon Borden

FINISH: Devon Borden powers to a 2.136 second win over TJ Stutts, Lucas Wolfe, Scotty Thiel, Dylan Cisney and Sye Lynch. Jake Karklin, Matt Farnham, and Jarrett Cavalet round out the field.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 02:18.087

Fastest lap: Devon Borden - 16.990 (Lap 5)

HEAT 3 (off time 6:56pm): Front row: Kyle Reinhardt & Austin Bishop

FINISH: Kyle Reinhardt leads flag to flag and wins over Austin Bishop by 1.493 seconds. Also transferring were Zeb Wise, Jason Shultz, Mikael Walter, and Ryan Taylor. They were followed by Blane Heimbach, AJ Flick, and Steve Buckwalter.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 00:00.000

Fastest lap: Kyle Reinhardt - 17.374 (Lap 3)

Super Late Model Heat Races (10 laps - 4 races - 5 transfer):

HEAT 1 (off time 6:02pm): Front row: Nathan Long & Roy Deese

LAP 1 CAUTION: Justin Kann facing the wrong way in turn 1

LAP 1 BACK TO GREEN: Jeff Rine, Nathan Long, Roy Deese, Brian Booze and Rick Eckert the top 5

LAP 9 CAUTION: Brian Booze goes around the ring in turn 4

LAP 9 BACK TO GREEN: Jeff Rine had a 2.219 secibd kead over Rick Eckert

FINISH: Jeff Rine wins by 0.383 seconds over Rick Eckert, Roy Deese, Tim Wilson and Justin Kann. They were followed by Nathan Long, Nick Dickson, Brian Booze, Dave Stamm, Kody Lyter and John Garvin (DNF)

Cautions: 2 - Time: 06:31.255

Fastest lap: Rick Eckert - 18.860 (Lap 5)

HEAT 2 (off time 6:12pm): Front row: Colin Knaub & Drew Weisser

LAP 3 CAUTION: Drew Weisser slams hard into the outside retaining wall in turn 1. He had hit the wall pretty hard in turn 4 the lap prior. The car did not turn, Weisser is ok.

LAP 3 BACK TO GREEN: The new top 5 will be Gregg Satterlle, Colin Knaub, Deshawn Gingrich, Andrew Yoder and Justin Weaver.

LAP 4 CAUTION: Colin Knaub loses power on the backstretch

LAP 4: Back to green

FINISH: Gregg Satterlee wins by 0.591 over Drake Troutman, Andrew Yoder, Justin Weaver, and Deshawn Gingrich. They were followed by Scott Flickinger, Chad Myers, Cory Lawler, Colin Knaub (DNF), Drew Weisser (DNF), and Austin Berry (DNS)

Cautions: 2 - Time: 11:42.245

Fastest lap: Drake Troutman - 19.010 (Lap 7)

HEAT 3 (off time 6:27pm): Front row: Dillon Stake & Mike Lupfer

LAP 2 CAUTION: Debris in turn 2. The right front fender flew off of Mike Lupfer machine. He pulls in it.


FINISH: Dillan Stake becomes the first pole sitter of the night to win his heat. He wins by 3.241 seconds over Hayes Mattern, Gary Stuhler, Ross Robinson and Kyle Lee. They were followed by Jason Covert, Jim Bernheisel, Logan Zarin, Shawn Jones (DNF), Jason Schmit (DNF), and Mike Lupfer (DNF)

Cautions: 1 - Time: 05:17.428

Fastest lap: Dillan Stake - 19.412 (Lap 5)

HEAT 4 (off time 6:34pm): Front row: Mason Zeigler & Dylan Yoder

LAP 8 CAUTION: Car in the wall, it's Khi Swanger. Leader Zeigler does a great job avoiding Swanger.

LAP 8 BACK TO GREEN: Zeigler had been out to a 4.230 second lead over Dylan Yoder, Amanda Robinson, Colton Flinner and Kyle Hardy.

FINISH: Mason Zeigler wins by 2.207 seconds over Dylan Yoder, Colton Flinner, Amanda Robinson and Kyle Hardy. They were follwoed by Trever Feathers, Bryan Bernheisel, Levi Yetter, Joey Hoffer and Khi Swanger (DNF)

Cautions: 1 - Time: 04:53.557

Fastest lap: Mason Zeigler - 19.035 (Lap 5)

305 Sprint car Heat Races (8 laps - 4 races - 5 transfer):

HEAT 1 (off time 7:04pn): Front row: Josh Beamer & Logan Spahr

LAP 2 CAUTION: One car around in turn 3. It was Chris Kreider, he refires.

LAP 2 BACK TO GREEN: Beamer, Spahr, Kepner, Duke and Dodson

LAP 7 CAUTION: Kruz Kepner was running in third and lost power.

LAP 7 BACK TO GREEN: Spahr, Beamer, Duke, Dodson, and Scarborough

FINISH: Logan Spahr wins by 0.859 seconds over Josh Beamer, Ken Duke, Doug Dodson and John Scarborough. To the B main: Drew Young, Jimmy White, Chris Kreider, AJ Barton, Kruz Kepner (DNF) and Nolan Groves (DNS).

Cautions: 2 - Time: 05:11.764

Fastest lap: Logan Spahr - 19.597 (Lap 8)

HEAT 2 (off time 7:14pm): Front row: Mariah Romig & Timmy Bitner

LAP 3 CAUTION: Jason Roush parked sideways against the outside wall in turn 2.

LAP 3 BACK TO GREEN: Top 5 will be Bitner, Gomola, Reed, Frack and Irvine.

FINISH: It's Austin Reed by 0.937 over Timmy Bitner. Also trasferring were Jacob Gomola, Scott Frack, and Roger Irvine. Transferring to the B Main were Dave Graber, Kasey Weaver, Dustin Young, Jason Roush, Mariah Romig, and Mia Koponen.

Cautions: 1 - Time: 5:01.162

Fastest lap: Timmy Bitner - 19.595 (Lap 1)

HEAT 3 (off time 7:24pm): Front row: Frank Rusnock & Dave Wickham

LAP 1 CAUTION: Pole sitter Rusnock spins in 3 & 4, every one is able to avoid.

LAP 1 BACK TO GREEN: Top five will be Wickham, Melair, Dimm, Heffner, and Weaver.

LAP 1 CAUTION: They don't get the lap in before the leaders wad it up in the face of the pack. Wickham, Melair and Heffner all involved in the turn 4 incident. All drivers are ok, but the top 5 will really shuffle going back to green.

BACK TO GREEN: Dimm, Weaver, Rhodes, Jones and Swartz.

FINISH: Owen Dimm wins over Zach Rhodes by 0.773. Jeff Weaver was third followed by Logan Jones and Mike Melair. To the B main will be Derek Swartz, Frank Rusnock, Dave Wickham (DNF), Kenny Heffner (DNF) and Andrew Boyer (DNF)

Cautions: 2 - Time: 10:37.525

Fastest lap: Zach Rhodes - 19.629 (Lap 2)

HEAT 4 (off time 7:40pm): Front row: Dylan Shatzer & Mike Alleman

FINISH: Mike Alleman by 0.021 over Seth Schnoke. They were followed by Dylan Shatzer, Stevie Kenawell, and Josh Spicer. To the B main will be Fred Arnold, Donnie Hendershot, Croix Beasom, Jonathan Swift, and Paul Moyer

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:42.070

Fastest lap: Mike Alleman - 19.885 (Lap 2)

410 Sprint Car B Main (8 laps - 1 race - 6 transfer):

B MAIN (off time 7:47pm): Front row: Mark Smith and Jake Karklin

FINISH: Blane Heimbach wins by 1.009 over Mark Smith. They transfer along with Jake Karklin, Davie Franek, Kody Lehman and AJ Flick. Failing to transfer were Steve Buckwalter, Jarrett Cavalet, Garrett Bard and Matt Farnham.

Cautions: 0 - Time: 2:32.360

Fastest lap: Mark Smith - 18.809 (Lap 1)

Super Late Model B Main (10 laps - 1 race - 4 transfer):

B MAIN (off time 7:56pm): Front row: Nathan Long and Scott Flickinger

FINISH: Jason Covert wins and will transfer along with Trever Feathers, Scott Flickinger and Nick Dickson. The margin of victory was 4.. Not transferring were Jim Bernheisel, Chad Myers, Logan Zarin, Nathan Long, Bryan Bernheisel, Brian Booze, Austin Berry, Mike Lupfer, Levi Yetter, Joey Hoffer, Cory Lawler, Dave Stamm, Jason Schmidt (DNF), Colin Knaub (DNS)

Cautions: 0 - Time: 04:16.270

Fastest lap: Jason Covert - 20.843 (Lap 1)

305 Sprint Car B Main (10 laps - 1 race - 6 transfer):

B MAIN (off time 8:08pm): Front row: Drew Young and Dave Graber

LAP 2 CAUTION: Frank Rusnock spins while running in 9th. He keeps it off the wall

BACK TO GREEN: Young, Arnold, Swartz, Weaver and White.

LAP 9 CAUTION: Rusnock comes to a stop in turn 3 before the checkard flies. Drew Young had a 2.860 second lead before the yellow flew.

BACK TO GREEN: Young, Swartz, Arnold, Weaver, Young and White make up the transfer spots.

FINISH: Drew Young wins and will transfer along with Fred Arnold, Derek Swartz, Kasey Weaver, Dustin Young, and Jimmy White.

Cautions: 2 - Time: 07:11.913

Fastest lap: Drew Young - 19.992 (Lap 3)

410 SPRINT CAR A MAIN - $5,000 to win (25 LAPS)

OFF TIME: 8:24pm

Front row: Justin Whittal and Devon Borden

LAP 6: Leader Whittal enters lap traffic. He leads by 1.956 seconds over Dewease and Borden. He works the top side of the speedway.

LAP 10: Lance Dewease gets around Whittal after Whittal hits the turn 4 fence. Borden goes around the outside and also gets around Whittal.

LAP 11: Dewease, Borden, Whittal, Reinhardt, and Bishop the top 5.

LAP 14: Lead for Dewease down to 0.190.

LAP 16: Borden around Dewease. Whittal third, Zeb Wise up to 4th.

LAP 17: Dewease back to the top by 0.022.

LAP 18: Borden back to the front! Whittal gets back around Wise for 3rd.

LAP 19: Borden still holds a 0.178 second lead

5 to go: Top 5: Borden, Dewease, Whittal, Wise, Wagner

FINISH: Devon Borden opens up and will win at Port Royal.

410 Sprint Cars ( 24 cars start):

1st: Devon Borden

2nd: Lance Dewease (0.475)

3rd: Zeb Wise (7.851)

4th: Dylan Cisney (9.674)

5th: Mike Wagner (10.593)

6th: Justin Whittal (11.106)

7th: Austin Bishop (12.245)

8th: Kyle Reinhardt (12.987)

9th: Gerard McIntyre (13.756)

10th: Michael Walter (14.589)

11th: Lucas Wolfe (17.349)

12th: Blane Heimbach (17.924)

13th: TJ Stutts (18.633)

14th: Jason Schultz (19.638)

15th: Jeff Halligan (20.100)

16th: Sye Lynch (+1 lap)

17th: Ryan Taylor (+1 lap)

18th: AJ Flick (+1 lap)

19th: Scotty Thiel (+1 lap)

20th: Mark Smith (+1 lap)

21st: Kody Lehman (+1 lap)

22nd: Jake Karklin (+1 lap)

23rd: Carl Bowser (+1 lap)

24th: Davie Franek (+1 lap)

Fastest Lap: Justin Whittal - 18.252 - Lap 2

Hard Charger: Mike Wagner

Final time: 08:16.987

Cautions: 0

Heat race winners: Justin Whittal, Devon Borden, and Kyle Reinhardt

B main winner: Blane Heimbach

SUPER LATE MODEL A MAIN - $4,000 to win (25 LAPS)

OFF TIME: 8:44pm

Front row: Jeff Rine and Gregg Satterlee

LAP 13: Stake slowly cutting into Satterlee's lead. It's down to less than one second.

LAP 15: Satterlee begins to extend his lead back out.

5 TO GO: Satterlee's lead is now over 2 seconds.

Super Late Models ( 24 cars start):

1st: Gregg Satterlee

2nd: Dillan Stake (1.337)

3rd: Rick Eckert (5.662)

4th: Hayes Mattern (6.006)

5th: Mason Zeigler (7.161)

6th: Dylan Yoder (7.787)

7th: Jeff Rine (10.099)

8th: Andrew Yoder (10.758)

9th: Drake Troutman (11.978)

10th: Kyle Lee (12.183)

11th: Gary Stuhler

12th: Jason Covert (15.827)

13th: Justin Weaver (15.979)

14th: Colton Flinner (17.435)

15th: Ross Robinson (17.773)

16th: Deshawn Gingerich (18.526)

17th: Kyle Hardy (19.523)

18th: Amanda Robinson (21.451)

19th: Nick Dickson (22.481)

20th: Scott Flickinger (+1 lap)

21st: Justin Kann (+1 lap)

22nd: Tim Wilson (+1 lap)

23rd: Roy Deese (+15 laps)

24th: Trever Feathers (+19 laps)

Fastest Lap: Dillan Stake - 20.994 - Lap 7

Final time: 09:02.285

Cautions: 0

Heat race winners: Jeff Rine, Gregg Satterlee, Dillan Stake and Mason Zeigler

B main winner: Jason Covert


OFF TIME: 9:05pm

Front row: Logan Spahr and Ken Duke

LAP 2 CAUTION: Kasey Weaver slows to a stop on the low side of the front stretch.

LAP 2 BACK TO GREEN: Spahr, Shatzer, Duke, Rhodes and Schnoke

LAP 3 CAUTION: Kenawell noses it off the outside wall in turn 2. He had been running 17th

LAP 3 BACK TO GREEN: Spahr, Shatzer, Duke, Schnoke, and Rhodes make up the top 5

9 TO GO CAUTION: Josh Spicer sits sideways in the middle of 1 & 2.

9 TO GO, BACK TO GREEN: Spahr, Shatzer, Schnoke, Duke, and Rhodes

305 Sprint Cars ( 26 cars start):

1st: Logan Spahr

2nd: Seth Schnoke (3.070)

3rd: Ken Duke (3.837)

4th: Dylan Shatzer (7.260)

5th: Zach Rhodes (8.116)

6th: Owen Dimm (10.113)

7th: Jeff Weaver (10.769)

8th: Doug Dodson (12.829)

9th: Austin Reed (13.474)

10th: Logan Jones (13.933)

11th: Mike Alleman (14.504)

12th: Josh Spicer (15.544)

13th: Jacob Gomola (15.547)

14th: Timmy Bitner (16.784)

15th: Fred Arnold (17.226)

16th: Scott Frack (18.538)

17th: Derek Swartz (19.764)

18th: Stevie Kenawell (19.952)

19th: Roger Irvine (19.970)

20th: Josh Beamer (21.137)

21st: Drew Young (22.167)

22nd: John Scarborough (22.254)

23rd: Jimmy White (+1 lap)

24th: Dustin Young (+1 lap)

25th: Mike Melair (+16 laps)

26th: Kasey Weaver (+19 laps)

Fastest Lap: Logan Spahr - 19.783 - Lap 4

Final time: 14:25.100

Cautions: 3

Heat race winners: Logan Spahr, Austin Reed, Owen Dimm, and Mike Alleman

B main winner: Drew Young


Saturday, April 15, 2023

410 Sprint Cars, Late Models, Limited Late Models

Australian Pursuit for Super Late Models

Gates open at 4, racing at 6pm - Adults $20 - Students $10

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