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Scores & More - June 4, 2022

Updated @ 8:33am on 6/5/22


Mifflin County 4 - Erie McDowell 3 (PIAA District 6 & 10 6A Championship)

Mifflin County advances to the PIAA State Tournament for the 6th time in program history.


410 Sprint Car A-Main

1st: Jeff Halligan

2nd: Logan Wagner

3rd: Michael Walter II

4th: Dylan Cisney

5th: Mike Wagner

They were followed by Justin Whittal, Kody Lehman, Lucas Wolfe, Trenton Sheaffer, Ryan Taylor, Zach Newlin, Austin Burke, Devin Brenneman, Bill Jones, Curt Stroup, Ryan Linder & Tyler Reeser

Cautions: 2

Heat race winners were Curt Stroup and Justin Whittal

Limited Late Model A-Main #1

1st: Dillan Stake

2nd: Andrew Yoder

3rd: Ryan Zook

4th: Trent Brenneman

5th: Shawn Shoemaker

They were followed by Justin Kann, Colin Knaub, Todd Snook, Troy Miller, Kenny Yoder, Taylor Farlling, Devin Hart, Kevin Probst, Kyle Bachman, Daulton Bigler, Danny Atherton, Maddox Smith, Zach Kauffman, Matt Williamson, Chase Bowsman, Chad Smith and Kyle Wiser

Heat race winners were Ryan Zook & Trent Brenneman

Limited Late Model A-Main #2

1st: Dillan Stake

2nd: Ryan Zook

3rd: Trent Brenneman

4th: Andrew Yoder

5th: Shawn Shoemaker

They were followed by Colin Knaub, Justin Kann, Taylor Farlling, Todd Snook, Daulton Bigler, Troy Miller, Kenny Yoder, Kevin Probst, Devin Hart, Kyle Bachman, Zach Kauffman, Maddox Smith, Chad Smith, Matt Williamson, Danny Atherton, and Chase Bowsman

Cautions: 1

Super Late Model A-Main

1st: Colton Flinner

2nd: Gary Stuhler

3rd: Rick Eckert

4th: Jeff Rine

5th: Dylan Yoder

They were followed by Dan Stone, Andy Haus, Tim Smith, Hayes Mattern, Danny Snyder, Tim Wilson, Jason Schmidt, Devin Frey, Brandon Little, Kody Lyter, Mike Lupfer, and Chad Myers

Heat race winners were Rick Eckert and Colton Flinner

Port Royal Speedway returns to action on Saturday, June 11 with 410 Sprint Cars, Limited Late Models, and PASS 305 Sprint Cars (Twin 20s). It will be camera and autograph night. General admission $20, students $10, pit pass $30. Gates open at 4, racing at 7.


410 Sprint Car A-Main - Steve Smith Tribute Race - $19,000 to win

1st: Danny Dietrich

2nd: Brent Marks

3rd: Troy Wagaman

4th: Anthony Macri

5th: Dylan Norris

They were followed by Lance Dewease, Freddie Rahmer, Chase Dietz, Alan Krimes, Tim Glatfelter, Kyle Moody, Tanner Thorson, Cory Haas, Devon Borden, Tyler Ross, Gerard McIntyre, Brandon Rahmer, Billy Dietrich, Tim Wagaman, Aaron Bollinger, Trey Hivner, TJ Stutts, Jimmy Siegel, and Landon Myers.

Cautions: 1

Heat race winners were Brent Marks, Freddie Rahmer, Dylan Norris, and Lance Dewease.

C Main: Steve Owings

B Main: Billy Dietrich

ARDC Midget A-Main

1st: Jeff Champagne

2nd: Michael Markey

3rd: Eric Heydenreich

4th: Zach Curtis

5th: Randy Mausteller

They were followed by Mike Bittinger, Shannon Mausteller, Shawn Jackson, JR Booth, Wayne Koehler, and Johnny Heydenreich.

USAC East Coast Wingless Sprints A-main

1st: Preston Lattomus

2nd: Briggs Danner

3rd: Kyle Spence

4th: Carmen Perigo

5th: Nash Ely

They were followed by Kenny Miller III, Ed Aikin, Steven Drevicki, Christian Bruno, Tommy Kunsman, Alex Bright, Bruce Buckwalter, Colin White, Jason Cherry, Aidan Borden, Mike Smith, Troy Fraker, Billy Ney, Kody Swanson, John Fraker, and Zach Allman.

Heat race winners were Kody Swanson, Kenny Miller III, and Alex Bright.

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